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Full Version: Have you heard?
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Here's my take on it. Tried my best to gate out the bleed on the mics and fix some of the plosives. May touch up at some point and back down on the vocals or at least automate them but for now I think I'm done.
Hey Whitebean, nice mix, i think though that those cymbals are to offensive vs the rest of the music. Highend is very easy to hear so having those that loud is a bit 2 much in my opinion. Otherwise i think that you nailed the dynamics well. I believe it might be after mastering that the cymbals got that loud??
Too heavily compressed for me. I just feel there is no need, either dynamically nor tonally to squash this as much as you have. the players and the recording to not mandate this kind of approach and it suffers for it. Let it breathe.
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