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Full Version: The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar'
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Hi Guys,
It's been a while, I took a shot on this one, any critics very welcome.

Guys, so i tried to improve it, cleaned up drums and some small adjustment, also tried to get better BV, but not really happy with them. Does it sound better?
My Entertainment Manager at a casino I was working at once told me 'there is more to a mix than the bass drum'! She was right. Your kick sounds great, but...
I second what mitc said... also too much reverb on those drums in my opinion.
The vocals are placed in a bigger sounding space than the drums, so this does not help glue the things together. Decrease early reflection on drums, and increase pre-delay (and early) on vocals, plus play with the type (room/chamber/hall) of the effect.

In addition to that it is quick solution to boost the upper mids on kick to help stand out in the mix, but it makes it artificial, so I would be very careful with that.

I felt free to start on V5 Smile
I said this before on another thread for this song: I think the kick has too much compression and "smack" to really fit a live session of that sort... But it might just be me... just personal taste Big Grin

I find the reverb overall a little distracting. It kinda blurs the mix and takes a lot of the energy, you are then trying to get back by pushing the kick.
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