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Full Version: Hop Along: 'Sister Cities'
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A song that I hadn't paid too much attention but that has grown up on me while I was mixing it.

I'm all ears to know how to make it sound better!
You have learned so much ! Good job Juan. Listenin on headphones
The mood of the song, the harp and the very forward mixed high pitched percussion made me think Bob Dylan and the Band on that album where "like a rolling stone" is the first song. Route 66? I font remember. Anyway, the drums has a little distortion to them. Whether its bad or not Im not sure, it fits the music. Your panning is very left-middle-right and One suggestion let somethin live in spaces between hard panned and center. You made some nice pan tricks with the bvocals changin side. Good little trick. Guitars could be little louder, bass little more defined but your mix works, it has got spirit. Good work and thx for the listen.
thank you Niels! your comment has definitely cheered me up after my last unsuccessful mix! I believe that those are the challenges of new genres and styles!

Yes, I added distortion to the drums because they were kind of 'buried' in the mix and that's a trick I learned to make them stand out without having to add more volume.

The guitars were louder in the beginning, but I started getting the feeeling that the mix was too noisy and decided to lower them a couple of db until I got closer to a more pleasant sound.

About the panning, it has an explanation. I was experimenting with this tutorial I found here:


And... I'm so happy that you liked my mix!!
Cheers Juan, you made conscious choices in this one and that shows !
Dont worry bout bad mixes or critique, it happens all the time. Only you know how good or bad you really are and if you did your best noone can ask more !
You seem to have a lot of out of control delay going on
Cool observation Alan. I wonder if you are also going to tell how you would deal with it Big Grin
Dont use as much lol
For some reason, the delay plugin was doubled on the track and that's why it sounded so exagerated.

But now it's fixed! this was easy Big Grin

Thank you for spotting the mistake! I like this song so much that I want to have it perfect!
I listened the version in post #8. I liked it. I haven't tried this song yet, but it sounds like nice song to try.

Here's some thought's that are more of personal taste. But main thing is that you should follow your own taste.

In the beginning the solo guitar is in the left, but nothing is balancing it in the right. And it makes the listening with headphones more difficult. LCR mixing works very nicely if something is balancing the signal on the other side. In this case it could be another guitar or something else in the same frequency area. FOr example around 1:10 there's balancing element (electric piano?), and then it feels good. But around 2:50 there's shaker (?) also in the left, but nothing in the right, and it masks the solo guitar. How about putting the shaker to right there. They seem to have similar frequency area.

Another question. Is it ok to put solo instrument to L or R position. I don't have an answer to that, but at the moment it feels odd to me.

Kick and bass could be more separate. I'm not sure but with song, it might work nicely if the kick was more "pok". Now the kick muddies the low end. Actually I'm not hearing the bass line at all. Maybe it plugs at the same time as kick. But still something could be done in that area.
you gave me good things to think about, Olli! I'm giving my ears a couple of days off the song, and then I'll start working on your interesting suggestions! Thank you!!
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