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Full Version: El Vuelo - 6 Snares and 8 Toms! (FRIGGY MIX)
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And then I added a 7th snare. I wanted something that added a little more excitement to everything. Same for the kick.

I got pretty crazy on the guitars. I thought they were too scooped, a lot of lows and and highs, so I high passed to 300hz and low passed to 4.5khz.
That left me with just the mids to get right with some eq. Then I pulled the filtering back to get some of the lows and highs back.
I think it worked well to get the most out of these guitars.

Everything else I thought fell together rather easily. Just needed some room and plate verb so everything has some air and space to it.
Solo guitar has echoboy and a spring verb to help the sustain.
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