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Full Version: My First Mix
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Hi, as the title notes this is my first mix to be uploaded here. I got some new Waves plugins over the weekend (Scheps Omni Channel, H-Reverb, TG12410 Mastering Channel) and I really enjoyed being able to test them out here. The only plugins I used besides the ones mentioned were Presonus' stock analog delay as well as Softube's S73 plugin in the mastering stage. Omni channel was applied to most tracks, and some of the busses as well. I also used the TG12410 on some of the mix busses as well as in the mastering stage. I was going for a Jimmy Eat World meets Paramore kind of sound.

I would appreciate any feedback at all, and I am really looking for opinions on how I handled the vocal as well as how I could have improved the mix in general. Thanks Smile
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