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Full Version: My mix for Ikebe Shakedown - The Last Stand
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Hi guys,

pls check my mix for this tune, tried to be somewhat vintage (reverbs, distortion), but with a little touch of modernness - definitely more highs above 9-10K than in the good ol' analog era.

The guitar unfortunatelly comes with a 'nice' spring reverb, when postprocessed (compression, eq, saturation), the spring sound becomes too harsh. Also I am not sure, maybe the horn section could be 1-2dB louder. What i did as a plus, i swapped the place of the trombone and the sax, putting the sax in the middle, panning the bone and the trumpet in 45 degree angle - this resulted in more compact sound given that the baritone sax is having different rythm and function, while the two others are playing together.

Thanks for the comments in advance!
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