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Full Version: My mix "David Tyo - It's So Easy To Love You"
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This is my version of the song. What else do I need to change to get a good sound?
I think it sounds pretty good! There are a couple of things that stand out that could improve the mix in my opinion:

1) The mix feels a bit too compressed.

2) The vocal automation is a little intense at the ends of some vocal phrases which makes the volume feel unbalanced. On that note, the voice also doesn't stay consistently out front and gets pushed back in the louder sections which feels unbalanced.

3) The reverb is a little heavy on some instruments which doesn't feel stylistically appropriate.

4) The acoustic guitars on this song have some significant resonances around 500hz which can be heard in this mix at times.

5) The bass is too compressed and intense for this kind of style, especially in the kick. I would recommend letting the bass track (cello) cover the sub range and place the kick fundamental above it.

Hopefully that helps! Keep up the good work Smile
Hi All
I changed my version of the song to a different one. The sound is more clear in sound.
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