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Full Version: The Brew
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This is my mix of this song.

I sum ProTools on my Mackie CR 1604 + Multi effet + 3632 on the master.

Every feedback is very welcome.

Thanks for listening.
I did some update on the mix after listening some track on the forum

I still have some problems in the chorus

I tried a Side Chain compression on the guitar with the vocals but it's not enought Cool
Hey Alibi!
The balance is good to my ears, nice mix!!!
I think the backing vocal in the chorus is sounding a little bit unnatural, is it a different reverb being used for backing vocals? Or maybe there's too much reverb on it?
For the snare I feel it's sounding thin, I would try to make it sound with a little more body.
Perhaps that's just my personal preference!

Hey Daniel,

thank you for your feedback. I use a different reverb on the BV directly on the BUS.

I agree for the snare. I tried to use distorsion and a parallele track. I will try again to give some body to it.

Cheers Smile
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