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Full Version: Signs
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Nice song
1st rough mix ends well but needs some leveling
the snare is meant to be loud going for an 80's mix (but needs automating down 1 or 2 db in parts)

Master done to test Dangerous EQ settings - still needs vocal loudness automation to get over the guitars
I've always liked this song and have never been happy with what I've done with it. I'm actually starting to work on it again. I like the edits you've done. It feels pretty raw but that could work in a post-punk sense. I think some of the reverb might pull it in another direction and polish the rawness too much but I'm not sure.

Thanks it was an interesting mix

I mixed the vocals first left guitars to last hence the unevenness of the guitars and tone was getting a bit ragged myself at that stage. I did automate the vocals up and the guitars up on the final chorus which is why the ending sounds quite good but no time to go back to the beginning and sort the rest out.
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