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Full Version: Bright Angel" Colebrook Road (Bluegrass) Sorry About Deleting My Mix From Yesterday
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Bright Angel" Colebrook Road (Bluegrass) Rule of Thumb Never Send A Mix When One Is Tired

I Listened to the mix again the next day that I did last night and thought it was terrible. Too much compression and retweet some of the Eq on Vox Etc. So, I deleted it from this site. When your tired you cannot discern things properly. Your ears need to be reset so walk away or revisit the next day. I should have known better
Anyway, that said.

5 Stems Only. My interpretation on the recording session is mostly rooms mics apart from Double Bass and One Mic for Vox (it seems to me he was standing away a bit from the mic while he was singing)

It was a challenge to get him up front and center.

Anyway here is mix 2
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