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Full Version: Mix by Zbat
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Is that a hidden track from Lullabies To Paralyze? It really could have been!

Really cool, there's a lot of Masters Of Reality meet the Screaming Trees etc. in the song, which is great. Had fun mixing it, good song!

When I first heard the song, I felt like it was "too clean", there's something dirty / sexy and trippy about it which is cool but the band is just a tiny bit too precious (I like dirty and weird recordings so I visualised a band recording 1000 times the same song, no click, drinking shots, breaking the gear etc. as they played) so I wanted this edge, this scary / thrilling vibe in the song.

At the beginning there's some amp feedback from the guitar (or not sure exactly what it is), which I thought was either too much or not enough, so tripled it and added a delay which is feeding itself back into a wall of sound to get the atmosphere straight into your ears at the beginning.

I did not want the drums to explode too much and sound electronic but still be punchy so they're a bit compressed, I duped the kick and snare (with different EQ and compression) as I was looking for a fat sound but still organic, used the room and overheads quite a bit, added some reverb.

There's reverb everywhere, adds to the dirt effect (I think), especially on voice.

I liked the bass to lead instead of the guitars which are a bit trippy, so I doubled the bass with one very aggressive (going through a fuzz) to get that cold Joy Division, almost (I wish) The Cure's Pornography sound.

I liked that coldness in the song so there's some panned reverb and there's generally more dbs in the 1-2k area to give a bit of a "trapped in a box" impression.

The second solo did not add much to the song (my very own opinion) (I'm not into solos unless it's telling something) so reversed the guitar because why not. And I added the noise from the beginning of the song at the end in the background to add to the mess (it's just noise but it creates a vibe).

The above is my intention but have no idea whether it was achieved or not. I would love to know what you think!

Thanks a lot,
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