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Full Version: Mix by Zbat
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I loved the song, great band, very good musicians with an incredible groove!

Reminded me a lot of "heavy blues meets stoner" bands like Radio Moscow, Graveyard etc.

I went absolutely nuts on distortion, it's everywhere basically, but I feel like this was really the vibe of the song and this recording, it's in your face, it's dirty, like the lyrics and middle finger attitude.

I wanted really fat drums so there's heavy compression, distortion and limiter on snare and kick but it felt great as the drummer is awesome. Looking back, I think the drums are a bit too compressed, but I wanted them to sound modern and loud so it's a compromise. I may try a more "live" mix using more of the overheads / room and less compression later.

I wanted a bit of slapback on the voice to give it that garage / rockabilly revival sound, but wanted it to be behind as well (this is a guitar song) but still wide, so used pre-delay on reverb so it's an "explosive" slap back with some overdrive to make it dirty. I love bands like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion that are ok with pushing the delay and drive on the vocals.

I would love to know what you think!

Thanks a lot!
Hey Pasta!

Guess you liked it!

Cheers man yet again! I'll check some of your mixes as well asap

Yes, I think what you've done with this one just suits the song so well. Your version adds so much, when I lcitened to the "edited excerpt" after this, I almost didn't even recognise it. The energy is on a totally different level.

Outstanding mix, in my opinion. Well done!
Oh wow, thanks so much, that means the world to me! I'm working hard to learn as much as possible and explore all the possibilities in production / mixing, so very very glad it sounds good

I did not use reference tracks for this song but I do a lot of visualisation of the band playing (literally close my eyes eyes stand up and check the band playing in my mind whilst listening to the song ahah), felt like this specific song was all the way in your face.

Oh just remembered this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyRcD6w8_hY dirty blues, he's using an octaver (I think he's either on his own or with a drummer but no bassist) he's incredible, if you check the production of "Are you satisfied" for instance, it's mind blowing, really inspiring, it both sounds heavy and punchy but natural (next level ahah) awesome mix to use as reference for this kind of music.

Thanks again!

Well whatever you're doing worked here! Haha. Keep it up!

Wow, what a great sound they have, thanks for the link! I'm not mixing this one myself but I love finding new music to listen to and to draw inspiration from. I'll be checking more out.
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