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Full Version: Morning Sickness
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DAW: Reaper
Laptop: Lenovo T420s, i5, 8gb RAM

FX used:
Kick: CLA Drums, MJUC compresssor, 50Hz Kicker
Snare: CLA Drums, MJUC, REQ6, Aphex Vintage Exciter, LexPlate
Hhat: REQ6
Drums MPC: REQ6, CLA Bass
Synth Moog: CLA Bass
Bass M81: Bass Rider
Guitar M80: MJUC
Synth Virus: -
Vox: CLA Vocals, LexHall, REQ6, C6 Mono, LexDualDelay

Master: Ozone 8
Mixed on Audio Technica M40x.

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