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Full Version: 21 Grams Mix (Feedback appreciated)
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Hey guys! This is my first mix from this site. I use Logic with some iZotope plugins. Let me know what you think. What you like/dislike. Thanks!

Welcome to the discussion zone!! Overall I think your mix is really good, a job well done. I could listen to the drums and bass all day! I do think that you could make better use of the background vocal tracks, it seems some are missing and its just lacking some energy there IMHO. Everything else sounds good, I like the fx on the solo guitar too. For a deep edit, you could remove the string/fret sliding sounds at around 2:00-2:03 just because I don't think the instruments are that up front and personal. I might need to edit those in my own mix too! Have fun mixing here! there are lots of nice people, advice, and good practice tracks too! Smile

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