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Full Version: Why Don't You Stay -- AZ Mix
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Okay, after about 30 hours of work, here's my take on this one.

Some of the larger Problems I had on this...

First, I felt the introduction was too long so chopped four bars out of it. I probably should have chopped the repeat of the chorus after the second verse as well but it works, I guess.

Getting the vocal to settle in was a challenge. It works better with less low end but his voice thins out *fast* when you EQ that area and lots of things want to compete in that region.

Couldn't get enough low end on the kick so mixed in a little bit of a fairly tight DW via drumagog. Also had trouble shaping the low end of the bass.

Mannnnny plugins used on this track. Every time I felt like I was getting a handle on it I discovered something else I didn't like. It's like cleaning up after a storm. After you get the big debris off then you start fixing all the major damage and you next spend weeks cleaning up the smaller debris and discovering more minor damage that you still have to fix. This was most definitely the case with the vocals. I was several hours into trying to get them to sound right when I realized that I was basically taking the wrong approach and had to more or less start over. (I work vocals that need minor tweaks and vocals that need a good bit of surgery with different processes.) Still not entirely happy with them but it's sufficient for a practice project.

Lastly, to deal with the solo instruments I used a combination of stereo delays on some tracks and tonight downloaded the (free) Izotope Imager plugin which I was able to use both in parallel on other tracks and also inline on the vocal bus.
Realized I made a dumb goof in the automation in the chorus so I repaired that and uploaded a revised mp3.
I like your style, Sir!

You've done a great job of this Az. Well DoneBig Grin
Okay, the mix still bothered me a bit... just didn't sound flat/even. Finally figured out that there was too much upper mid range (~1-6kHz).
This mix (v2) is better but I hope I now haven't over done it.
Okay, lowered the drums (that ride was kind of annoying) and got a better handle on a few items. V3 uploaded.
I'm feeling pretty satisfied with that one.
I'll steal you a trick and put some low end kick in my mix too, az. Your drums sound great, especially the snare!

Solo part is sensational (Bernard Butleresque, I'd say and that's saying a lot), is there some delay on it or just that second dt track?

Voice tone is really cool, but feels 1/2dBs too soft for me. In the middle 8, it gets facesat by that distorted guitar (I'm having serious trouble mixing that part, too) and what should be a climatic passage loses some punch because of it. Again, the backing vocals on the choruses could use some more love.

Minus that short middle 8, that was a full sounding, punchy mix with lots of character, melikes!
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