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Full Version: Storm Of Particles: 'Of Ice And Hopeless Fate'
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Hey guys,
Spent a lot of time on this and that's all I can do. Any critics, comments, advices very desirable.

Kick is sampled,(my first drum replacement, I did paste every single kick hit manual, spent whole day doing it, don't say anything lol Smile),
Bass has Softube bass amp,
All GTR DI used,
Will have to fix Toms as I just noticed I edited them wrongly, also level is to reconsider.

Version F3 has some changes due Jaykey suggestions. Also re-adjusted some levels.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the rhythm guitars could use a little more gain, as the slight inconsistencies in the performance poke out quite a bit. It sounds kinda cool with low gain, though.
Bass might have too much stuff in the 300-500Hz region.
Vocals sound pretty good to me.
Snare gets a little drowned sometimes, but sounds better than the original mix.
The guitar in the middle before the guitar solo at 2:00 sounds weirdly phasey.
Clean guitars and synths work well together.
Guitar solo sounds honky.
Thanks Jaykay for listening,
I did apply some suggestions you mentioned. Still needs a lot of work I guess but i will leave it as it is for now.
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