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Full Version: Purling Hiss: 'Lolita' (Jejsus mix)
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What an awesome track!!!!! And I didn't get tired from mixing this one, not at all Cool, although there were quite a few things to do here Smile. With a slight artistic approach and after view at the band's guidelines and their way of creating music, I hope I got somewhere near the bands aspects for this song.

I didn't replace anything, kick drum is gated, I didn't want to polish vocal that much, just a few minor placements, and usual touch with compression and eq... No use of guitar DI track. I didn't want to put reverb on drums, I think they should be raw like the guitars are. Also a lot of distortion on bass guitar.

I'm happy for the raw takes as I don't like the polished stems so much. Respect to the band and to this awesome site!

The kick and snare are too soft
I think you're right! I should at least put another db on these! I don't like the bottom of the snare, so I'm thinking only to raise volume not to fatten it, what do you think Takka?

Anyway tomorow is another day and I need a pair of fresh ears, so update awaits till tomorow Big Grin
Yes just up it and see,i think you will also need to nudge the vox up too
Didn't go the way I thought Smile - what did I think Huh! I did some eq-ing on kick and snare, also took some sustain off the snare, which I didn't want to do in the first attempt, but hihat leakage was to big on snare mic, so only after then I was able to raise the volume without loosing the snares clarity...

I also added a little more reverb on some vocal parts, and some volume adjustments.

I think it's rocking now Cool (I hope so Big Grin ) !
Loads better it sounds like a rock song now
I agree, much better Smile
Still not as good as mine lol

just listening to the second version. I think there is something wrong with the way the drums sound here. It is a bit hard to put a finger on it, but at least the snare sounds too soft. And that has nothing to do with volume, as the drums already seem a touch too loud - or at least they do not blend with the rest.

The special-fx reverb on the vocals is over the top. And although this is a nice gimmick I don't really see what the point of it should be.
Hey Jejsus!I will agree with Artbass there, i think they need to pull down some 400-500hz on those drums and bring some 4-6 kh to make them more attacky and powerful.
Also some more high end on those guitars would be nice, not much just a bit.
Overall very nice mix.
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