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Full Version: "Tip Toe Through The Crypto" (critiques plz)
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Hey guys and girls,

heres my new mix, please consider giving feedback, it's highly appreciated!

V2: Rebalanced and Eq'ed (also mastered to K-12 standard... at least i think so xD)
V3: What Don Said (the file is V4)

Redid this mix now, a few months have passed. I really like the new one, it sounds a bit denser to me (no LCR panning) and is also masterd a bit louder.
Let me know what you think!

Hey ,
Listening to version 2 , sounds well balanced I like it !
The first thing that comes to mind is the vocals and brass could be a touch fuller in the low frequencies and sound a touch thin an the upper frequencies 2-5k area.
Here is is your mix with some subtle eq I saved while listening on my monitors.
This is one I'm going to do a complete remix too soon !

Cheers Big Grin
Thanks for the feedback,

I adjusted the Brass EQ and added a slight Chorus effect. Regarding the Vocal i like it the way it is, so it can sit properly in the mix.

Lukas Angel
Good job with the brass I kike it !

Cheers Big Grin
Lukas, sorry I'm late. Going to give this a solid listen on both cans and monitors and give a detailed opinion....tonight or tomorrow morning
Sounds great.
Love the drums.
Good job Smile
Can you listen to my revision of The Doppler Shift - Atrophy?
Hard panning the guitar and keys DOES leave a lot of room for the drums and vocal, and the vocal along with the bass and horns are the driving melodic structures in this track.....but they could perhaps be automated so they don’t leave the intro so exposed. In any case, I like the drum sounds, think the idea of using the bass to drive the low end is perfect for this type of funky track, as that’s how it was often mixed “back in the day”.... great balance of the vocals against the rest of the song. Very forward, but still IN the mix and not on top. Well Done! The balance of the lead to backgrounds is also dead on.

The bass is solid as a rock, yet I can’t really hear the compression, so I’m guessing some sort of opto compressor (or plugin) and it sounds really great!

The compression on the drums is more audible, course, but still super tasteful. I like that the toms are loudest in the kit with some reverb on them....again a great period touch.

The sibilants are a matter of taste....the important part is that if you DID deess that you didn’t turn “sss” into “shh” or “fff”....I personally don’t find them objectionable at all.

The horns are laid back as a pad, which is absolutely perfect.

Dude, you pretty much nailed this one to the board and dropped the mic. Nice work.

PS: better late than never, but I’m sorry it took so long. Work has been crushing me and I haven’t even had time to come into the forum for 3 weeks)
Hey Lucas
Nice job on the rework .. sounds great in the headphones

Keep up the good work


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