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Full Version: Third Mix / The Glass
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Hi everyoneSmile,

so after approx. 2 days, here it comes: my third mixCool
Its amazing how much you can improve yourself in such a short period of time.

Something bothers me with the kick,(maybe the attack??) you know it just immediately grabs my attention in a negativ way..

I appreciate every comment/advice/feedback from you. You don't need to listen to the whole track, just write anything that pops up into your mind while listening.Wink

Um, I think you still had the mono button pressed when exporting this... I checked... No side signal at all.

Upload a stereo file so we can give better feedback.

Lukas Angel
Ohh damn... you know that one time you bounce offline instead of realtimeBig Grin

Corrected, now it should be stereo

So lets get started!
really like the clarity and stereo balance of this mix, but as always I also have some...


- Mix lacks punch and weight (Maybe some more low mid, could also be anrrangment)
- Vocal very dominant overall
-> Right Guitar is lost in the mix
- Re-do your Background Vocals they are not working atm
- Stereo Electric guitar little bit loud
- Piano relativly loud in comparison to other instruments. I would suggest just bringing the other instruments up.
- More Kick low-end (If you struggle, download bx-subfilter)
- "Passssss the glassssss" (Too much sibilance Wink )
- Good Rule for Vocal Reverb (in most cases):
Bring it up until you can really hear it and the back it off a bit, its too loud for me in this one
- I feel like drums could come up abit aswell

Have fun mixing!

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