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Full Version: Phre The Eon-Everybody's Falling Apart
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As Mike Senior said, the hat spill was pretty loud in the snare. I found a clean hit and triggered it with Slate "Trigger 2" adding another sample underneath it as well as the KK. Edited the ends of the rhythm guitar chords to make them a little more chunky. Added a bit of distortion. Thanks for listening.

Good Call Roy. V2- I muted the "Tape Hiss" Smile

V3: Minor tweaks
It feels really good. I think the vocal could come out front a little bit. It's a busy track and I think the vocal needs to get on top of it. There's also a lot going on in the center of the mix which might be crowding that space up.
I do hear a bit of hiss, possibly from the added distortion. I might be over sensitive to something like that though.
I'm not a fan of the edit before the outro solo. I kinda want that bit of calm before the storm of the end.

Overall it works. The main issue is keeping the spotlight on the vocal.
Good job.
Vers:3 Minor adjustments trying to get the mix a little more exciting.
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