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Full Version: Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind-Yoshi
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Thank you for listening
Difficult it is!
I think you have managed this one well and I like your overall sound and balance. Maybe the vocal could come up a little more and come to the front. It's just a bit buried at times. Nothing major though. Great job and well managed.Big Grin

Hi Dave (Dangerous)

Thanks for your comment
Actually I use only vocal track Tr16 Jacke green ~ F Mix
Tr25 Vox1 M80 is not used
Tr25 Vox1 M80 is fast with timing and attack
I am using Tr16 Jacke Green, so I do not have freedom of vocal and guitar
I placed another Tr just to give the whole atmosphere
For the above reasons, the vocal sounds a little smaller
It was really difficult

I want to say it again
Difficult Difficult Difficult

Thank you very much
You got really inside this one Yoshi. You got very good control of every source but that puts you in control of the dynamics when you put a heavier hand on the natural dynamics. I think if your automation followed the emotional content and flow of the song, with all the punches and licks, it would translate even better. You've got the technical part of this mix down. I'd like to hear your musical interpretation with such great sounds. Present the performance.

Question: Are you using any parallel compression in this mix?
Hi Mixinthecloud

My sound is the memories of the past
and I am trying to create the future
it's difficult difficult difficult
but the challenge will continue

Question: Are you using any parallel compression in this mix?
Answer: I do not use parallel compression

Thank you for listening
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