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Full Version: Burning Bridges (First Mix)
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This is my first mix and first post for this website. Thanks for the great opportunities provided over here, I really appreciate it.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the mix.

Hey Darren,

it's a good mix (at least on my Presonus headphones in the office). Some of the problems I have noticed:

- The snare is very "in your face" and rivaling the vocals in terms of listener attention. You should push it back into the mix
- The solos are too dry and would benefit from a healthy dose of delay.
- The background vocals are WAY too loud in the solo - they should support the solo, not replace it. Same goes for background vocals the last chorus of the song.
Thanks for the feedback. I quite like the background vocals at the end and during the one part of the solo, so I made them louder, (artistic choice).
I usually like to leave the solos fairly dry, because it brings them right up to the front of the mix, also just a personal choice.

Anyway, here is a different version, with the changes you asked for, (Less aggressive snare, wetter solos and quieter background vocals). Enjoy!

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