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Full Version: James May - Eliza Jane (YN Records)
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Hi ! this is my mix on free vst's Smile
I could only give it a quick listen. Here's what I hear.
-It's bright sounding. That first guitar 'rake' is a little piercing and throws off my ear and makes me listen at a lower volume. I think the acoustic guitars could be a little darker and let the mandolins have that higher frequency space and they won't have to fight each other in the mix.
-The vocal is pretty sibilant. I'd use a de-esser and maybe two for different frequencies. I can't remember what frequencies really jumped out on his vocal. somewhere in the 4khz region and then I think somewhere higher. 10-13k.
-I'd spend some time and do some automation or muting of parts. Like, James May said, it's a busy song and it could benefit having parts come in and out as needed.

Hope that helps.
RoyMatthews many thanks for the answer! Correct and lay out !!
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