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Full Version: Perpetual Escape - Roots of mankind
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Hi there!

Here's my mix. Hope you'll like it.
Took me a lot of time, I'm not used to mix so many guitar tracks.
The challenge was to find a decent sound for the guitars (raw sound very boxy + lacking lows) and the toms.

Thank you for your feedback Wink
Hey Pete,
Nice, clean and dynamix! Love it! Guitars sits very nicely. The only thing i noticed within first few seconds is the shape of the kick. Just got impression it doesnt fit. Super stuff Smile
Thank you Lethan!

About the kick, can you be more specific ? Please explain with simple words, I'm French... Confused Cool
Hi Pete,
I wrote it wrong i like how it sounds a just feel it has to much piority in the mix. Like its too strong in the mix. Smile But you know, i may not know what im talking about Smile. Maybe its a matter of taste or maybe the genre needs to be like that. Im amateur Smile
Mmm, I don't know, I'm a drummer, drums are never loud enough! LOL
Hi Peter,
I like your mix ,sounds good on my monitors.
The intro sounds great ,after the intro when the guitars come in the panned guitars sound a little out of phase or too much low end in the side channels. The snare and kick may have a touch too much attack which I like !
Here is a simple screen capture of playing around with your mix just for us to see on this forum.


Cheers Big Grin
Hi thedon!

Thanks for the improvements you show in this video!
I agree with them all. Usually, metal guitars are recorded with a mic very close to the cabinet. So they're full of low frequencies. The boxy sound and the lack of lows make me think the mics were to far. I tried to bring the lows back to life with several plugins, each one boosting a db or two max. Maybe the addition of plugs flipped the phase. Or maybe it's my panning that needs to be fixed.
I definitely should use a sub mono summing plugin.
I'll check that and post a new version.
Thank again!
Salut Johann !

Will write in english so it's gonna easier for our non french friends Wink

The first thing I noticed is the brightness of the overheads and hats. I can hear a lot of compression on my drums. It's pumping everywhere Tongue
Did you set your release times very fast ? It usually happens in this case. Snare is very punchy but I think it could be improved with less compression.

Overall your mix is punchy and agressive. It suits our music pretty well !

Keep it up !
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