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Full Version: MerryGold: 'Motherload'
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Learning how to mix my first one, would love some comments
Sounds cool.

The first thing that jumps out at me is how the accordion masks the vocal. My gut reaction would be to pan the accordion to the right which would open up the center to the drums/bass and vocal. Plus I think it's widen the mix and create a bigger soundstage and give each instrument their own spot.

The drums are a little small but I think it fits the style of music. The issue with that though is the snare shares some of the frequency space of the vocal.

Maybe a little less bass.

It sounds pretty good though. Overall the mix fits the song. Good job.
Edit: Actually, scratch a lot of that. I just looked at the multitrack for this song. I'd still consider panning the accordion but it looks like all there is is a snare drum so of course the drums would be small. It might still fight with the vocal though.

Filtering the lowend out of the Decca Tree, acoustics and banjo would clean up the bass.
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