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Full Version: Recording Notes
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Thanks to everyone who has taken on this challenge. Here’s some information on recording ‘Waves’. It won't make things any easier though.

Anna made this recording as a freebie for people following her web and Facebook pages. It was recorded at my friend Dennis personal studio. Dennis did the microphone setup and I clicked the buttons in Pro Tools. The recording was done in two two-hour sessions. The musicians were assembled specifically for this session and don’t usually play together. Because this was in a personal studio they recorded one at a time and they all seemed comfortable doing that. There wasn’t any discussion on what note this or that should be, they showed up knowing their parts. The first session was on April 6. Here’s the order of recording:

1. Anna strummed a scratch mandolin track while singing to a click track. She rarely plays mandolin and this track was pretty shaky.
2. The drummer recorded next with the click and mandolin. In the first take the ending part of the mandolin threw her off so much we muted that section for the rest of the session. You have her second and final take.
3. Anna played the main violin track. There was a false start followed by a complete take and then a punch in.
4. Anna played the second violin track (the part at the end) in one take.
5. The electric guitarist recorded his track piece by piece. This was difficult for me because he wanted to jump around in the song before I had all the sections marked. He commented that he was going to keep his part low-key since the acoustic guitarist would fill things up later.
6. Anna sang the lead vocal. You have the third of her three takes.
7. Anna sang a harmony vocal in one take.

The mandolin was muted for the entire April 28 session. The order of recording was:

1. The acoustic guitarist recorded first. She asked for the click to be on and the drums turned down. You have the third of her three takes. The pops you hear on this track are her striking the soundboard. I thought that style would fit better in a group without a drummer or bass.
2. The bass recorded next. I think the click went off here for the rest of the session. He had a DI box that we spent some time on but couldn’t get to work. He did a partial take, a full take, and then three punch-ins.
3. Anna tried a couple new takes of the lead vocal but they were discarded.
4. Anna did a high harmony background vocal on the choruses in one take.

The vocals were recorded with a Rode NT-1A. The violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass were recorded with a Shure SM-57. The kick drum had a Peavey PVM-520. The overheads had a pair of Behringer C-2s. The snare had a Shure SM-57 and the hi-hat had a Shure PG-81. The audio interface was a Tascam 1641.
Thanks for the notes Mike Z.. send more great material to us.
Thanks for the Info. Enjoyed mixing this Track. A Jaunty challengeSmile
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