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Full Version: mix of motherload, would like some comments
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my mix of motherload, i would realy like som comments and criticism.Smile
Good job!
Hi C.N

I like the clarity of your main vocal. I know that was a bit of a challenge with all of the instrumental spill in the vocal mic. The general balance instrument-to-instrument is good, too.

The low mids could be pulled down a bit across the mix. Some brightness on individual instruments might bring them out with more definition. I wonder if maybe your monitoring source is just a bit bright, because the highs seem a bit muted in general. It's always good to listen to reference tracks in between mix sessions to help you balance the frequency spectrum and to know what a great mix (usually in a similar genre) sounds like on your monitoring source.

One thing that several mixers have missed is to bring the guitar solo to attention. It is the focal point of the song in that section and I believe it ought to get the priority over other instruments there. It's generally good to think about what the main feature is in any given part of the song.

If you ease back on the compression on some instruments - you might find more dynamics that bring emotion to the song. You can even create a bit of emotion with some carefully placed automation.

Feel free to check out my mix to see where I'm coming from on my comments. Hope this is helpful...
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