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Full Version: Dunning Kruger,Sascha mix 2
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great track please let me know what you guys think of my mix,cheers.
Nice mix cudjoe,
I haven't tried this one yet.
I like the live sounding drums ,Just missing some low end punch of the bass and ,mainly the kick in the centre channel,maybe a touch less 90-100 hz on the bass ?
I don’t think there is much that can be done with the upfront Hi hat being too loud apart from trying to tame some offending resonant frequencies.
Cheers Big Grin
Hi thedon sorry for taking so long on replying,Happy new year by the waySmile,anyway i spent some time on this track and i know you liked the sound of the live drums but i found it gave me more problems so i brought everything abit more forwards in the mix,all comments are welcomed.
Happy New year !
Listening to mix 2 good job with more bottom end in the centre,I like the live rehearsal room room vibe you have achieved .
will have a shot of this song soon .

Cheers Big Grin
Thanks thedon for your reply, sorry it took me so long to reply, thanks again,cheers.
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