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Full Version: Matterplay Mix by Ak3r
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Ok....So after listening to many of your mixes here's mine...Feel free to tell me what you think of it Wink


Ok...I've played a little bit "mastering" it.... Lemme know what you think Smile
Hi Ak3r,

My feedback (not to be taken too seriously, I'm still learning audio production):

I feel like there's a lack of energy in this mix - I hear a lot the low freqs (kick & bass) and vocals, but the mids sound weak to me and it disturbs me.

The bass sounds a bit too dark to me.

I like the FX on vocals & guitars during the bridge ("hysteria...")

Mmmm Interesting point Smile I'll give that a try...Maybe i went too far trying to give the song and air-y and ethereal feeling. Thanks a lot for ur feedback Smile


Ok so i made a new mix from scratch, not so many low freqs (dont know if maybe not enough)...and enhanced on the mid-freqs range....

I'm waiting for you opinions Smile


Hi Ak3r
Nows my turn :-) I think the whole song lacks power. Especially the kick. Try working more on it. I know the kick was difficult here and I spent a lot of time with it in my mix (which btw is updated)

Looking forward to next version :-)

Ok...so here's a new version of the prev. mix...I think i got a pretty nice kick this time Tongue Lemme know what u think guys Smile
Well the kick is absolutely louder..maybe too loud sometimes, but it is difficult with the uneven drumming. I had hell myself with his.
Maybe you could push the instruements a little more forward also :-), you're on the track..

Hummm...maybe i went a lil bit too "metal" with the kick but i think it fits quite well the song as it's a very weak one :/ So the drums will have to be quite present to give some body to the song...i dunno...I'll listen to it again tomorrow with fresh ears and maybe i'll change something...But insted of push up i'd be better (if anything) to bring down the drums...u cant keep pushing things up if u cannot hear something or u'll end up with a super loud piece of distorted noise with no planes at all...I usually try to push things down (as i said) and use reverb and pan to situate things better in the mix and create space for the rest of things...

Thanks for ur comment Smile
Thats my problem, I always push things up :-)
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