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Full Version: Juliet's Rescue - Heartbeats Mix
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Hello, this is my first mix submission to this site. Hope you like it. I started with this song because I thought it was catchy. I'm somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to mixing, and I like to keep things relatively simple. I mixed this in Tracktion (on a Mac, but it runs on everything) which I've come to really like. Other than paying for Tracktion, all the plugins used for this mix were free. Tracktion doesn't come with many plugins, which is probably why it's so cheap Smile

The vocal is not processed much at all - no EQ, but some moderate multi-band compression evens out the tones, then some delayed short reverb added to it. You can really hear that at the end of the song, but it's unchanged throughout. It's a very nicely recorded vocal track, so not much treatment needed.

The chorus was a challenge - I wasn't particularly keen on the guitar sound but I think I got it in the mix alright. The one plucky guitar I put to one side, then took it and delayed it one beat onto the other side. And the guitar at the end has some stereo chorus added to it. Other than that, some moderate EQ for the grunge guitars got them seated in the mix as best as I could.

For the bass, I used the DI signal only, then ran that through some compression and an amp simulator. I felt that did enough EQ for me.

For the drums, I used all the available tracks - the room tracks give me the stereo spread and ambience I needed. Some basic compression on the kick and snare. The chorus kick tracks are panned left-right which creates an odd but pleasing effect. Other than compression and EQ, there are no effects on the drums (though a *very* slight, short verb on the kick - I don't think I'd notice if I took it off).

The band's original mix is here. I frankly can't stand the verse sections in that mix. Perhaps I'm old-school, but I just hate the breathing compression on the mix there. It was cool for a week, but not any more Dodgy And the effects on the vocal drowns out her lovely voice.

It appears the band isn't together any more. I'd like to hear more of this vocalist...
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