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Rock, Punk, Metal

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  1. Alan Evans Trio: 'I'm Coming Home'
  2. Ale Lak: 'Nosso Mundo Deixou De Existir'
  3. All Hands Lost: 'Ambitions'
  4. Angels In Amplifiers: 'I'm Alright'
  5. The Apprehended: 'Still Flyin''
  6. Audio-Technica Demo: 'Loud And Clear'
  7. Bill Chudziak: 'Children Of No-one'
  8. The Black Crown: 'Flames'
  9. The Brew: 'What I Want'
  10. Cnoc An Tursa: 'Bannockburn'
  11. The Complainiacs: 'Etc'
  12. Cunegonda: Guerra Alla Frontiera
  13. Darkride: 'Burning Bridges'
  14. Darkride: 'Dead Enemies'
  15. Darkride: 'Hammer Down'
  16. Darkride: 'Piece Of Me'
  17. Death Of A Romantic: 'The Well'
  18. Decypher: 'Unseen'
  19. Dry Clean Only: 'Iron Sheik'
  20. Forkupines: 'Semantics'
  21. Forkupines: 'Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water'
  22. Forkupines: 'Sugar - Faith'
  23. FytaKyte: 'Bitter'
  24. Headwound Harry: 'XXXV'
  25. Hollow Ground: 'Ill Fate'
  26. Hollow Ground: 'Left Blind'
  27. I Am Cassettes: 'Believe'
  28. Impossible Colours: 'Dune Rider'
  29. Impossible Colours: 'The Truth'
  30. Jet B: 'Suit You'
  31. Jet B: 'To The Wolves'
  32. John McKay: 'Daisy Daisy'
  33. Johnny Lokke: 'Promises & Lies'
  34. Johnny Lokke: 'Whisper To A Scream'
  35. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Dios Salve El R&R - Cielo Sin Santos'
  36. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Donde No Llega La Luz'
  37. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Placido Domingo'
  38. Lastlegacy: 'Who's Who In Hell'
  39. Lead Inc: 'The Inner Circle'
  40. Lead Inc: 'The Dice'
  41. Lead Inc: 'Way Of Life'
  42. Louis Cressy Band: 'Good Time'
  43. Magician's Nephew: 'Get Out Of Bed'
  44. McLovins: 'Buildin' It Up'
  45. Memnoir: 'The One'
  46. North To Alaska: 'All The Same'
  47. Nova-One Studio: 'Four Graham'
  48. Pablo Martin: 'Progresivo 1, El Vuelo'
  49. Painted Skies: 'Piers'
  50. Perpetual Escape: 'Duty & Memories'
  51. Perpetual Escape: 'Into My Dreams'
  52. Perpetual Escape: 'Roots Of Mankind'
  53. Perpetual Escape: 'Sin Six'
  54. Perpetual Escape: 'Stop And Rise'
  55. Rebuild The Evil: 'Burial Of Silence'
  56. Scott Elliott: 'Aeternum Vale'
  57. Storm Of Particles: 'Of Ice And Hopeless Fate'
  58. Street Noise: 'I'd Rather Be Drinkin''
  59. Street Noise: 'Revelations'
  60. Street Noise: 'You Are The One'
  61. Szymon Skiba: 'Death Metal Sucks'
  62. Szymon Skiba: 'Let's Dance'
  63. Szymon Skiba: 'Some Trashy Thrash, I Guess'
  64. Timboz: 'Pony'
  65. Titanium: 'Haunted Age'
  66. Unicorn Rodeo: 'Maybe'
  67. Voelund: 'Comfort Lives In Belief'
  68. Wall Of Death: 'Femme'
  69. We Fell From The Sky: 'Not You'
  70. Young Griffo: 'Blood To Bone'
  71. Young Griffo: 'Facade'
  72. Young Griffo: 'Pennies'
  73. Zane Carney & Friends: 'Talk To Me Baby'
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